Monday, November 24, 2008

4 years = 4 thousand bux!

Last week the 4 Year Anniversary Party was a huge success. Because of you and your generosity we donated $3,812.40 to Bread For the World and the Capital Area Food Bank- not to mention 4 crates of canned goods- Wowzers! Love it. That's almost 4 thousand dollars! Four Thousand dollars donated to charity for Four Years in business- now that's PROGRESS!
The cafe' was slammed all day and the ambiance was filled with good tidings and extreme generosity. It was so awesome.
Giving rules!
YOU rule!
Thank you for helping Progress be open for 4 years and thank you for joining us in giving to our fellows in need.
Progress is about the people.The community makes Progress what it is.
You are the people. You are our community.

My sincerest gratitude- now let's rock for 4 More Years!

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Annamarie said...

You rock! So cool that you gave $$ and stuff to celebrate your 4 years! i can't believe it's been 4 years! You and Sarah have hit a niche!