Friday, February 20, 2009

Joey won!

Joey Alsop is the newest $50 Gift Card Winner at Progress!

Joey is a very loveable Leo and he listens to Dolly Parton like there ain’t no tomorrow. (And shouldn’t we all?) By day Joey is the New Account Rep for ABC Bank (ref. sign in photo as Joey would not come to the café for his picture today because he said he, “looked like a Hot mess” – I beg to differ- so I showed up at ABC Bank camera in hand). By night Joey is known the tear it up on the karaoke machines all over A-town. When not on the mic Joey is a reality show junkie and also spends much current past time reading the “Twilight” series. (Who’s not, right!?) Joey says that his favorite menu item at Progress is the Fruit Cup paired with a super yummerz Vanilla Latte but I’ll put money on the fact that Joey will be bringing his posse to the Progress Happy Hour with his gift card---so this round’s on Joey!

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